The lovable kind of whack job

I thought so.

Scytrin dai Kinthra
1 February 1983
Frankly I'm too volitile to have just a single 'about me'. I change my mind about myself more often than I describe myself. But some things tend to stay similar if not the same.
I have ambitions to be a life long student, but unless I pull the rabbit from the hat, I'm going to have to go along the route of self support and maintain Teh Job.
I enjoy puzzles, mind benders, and challenges to my personal talents and knowledge. And I almost masochisticly endure trials to complete or manage them.
I have no morals, but I've got many ethics. My personal distinction is clear, but others occasionally see my ethics as morals. I see myself as not a good person, but my general karma is positive and I have only 2 enemies. Rivals don't count as they're more often good natured rivalries.